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An open access journal on creative industries and cultural policy research

About Us

The Creative Industries Cluster Journal (CICJ) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal on the cultural and creative industries. The Editorial Team are primarily based in the Creative Industries Cluster at the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research at Birmingham City University, UK.

While the discourse of the journal is centred on the topic of culture and creative industries, we welcome submissions on peripheral topics, all with overarching goal of enriching debate and to reflect the remarkable linkages that characterise the cultural ecology.

We publish two issues a year, each of which centre on a particular theme within cultural and creative industries research, however we do welcome submissions which may not neccessarily address the given theme, if the submission is of a high standard. All contributions are open access and the authors retain the rights to their pieces after publication on this platform.

As well as the standard journal article format, we also welcome submissions in audio, video and visual form. If you have any queries about the journal please email the Managing Editor.


Managing Editor: Dr Karen Patel (karen.patel[at]

Editor: Sihlangu Tsuma (sihlangu.tsuma[at]

Editorial Team

Dr Annette Naudin

Dr Kirsten Forkert

Dr Dave Harte

Dr Gemma Commane

Dr Rachel-Ann Charles

Professor Rajinder Dudrah

Professor Paul Long

Professor Nick Webber


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